Revele Design Studio focuses on self-initiated and commissioned work of any scale.

From video art to sculpture, no mean is discarded. We create art and design pieces that bridge between media and overlook all boundaries to fully communicate the concept in question.

The passion and dedication behind the work make every artifact precious and unique, ready to be shared with the world and hopefully contributing to its existing multiform beauty. 




RVL was founded in 2019 in London by Vivee Barengo and Jade Removille after completing a postgraduate experience at the Royal College of Art, respectively in Communication and Interior Design.

After the program, the duo decided to give form to a joint practice alongside their ongoing personal careers in experimental design and fashion. 

The main focus of the studio is to create interactive works that can live on their own but will fully shine with an audience's input.

We want to create art for people to appreciate and reflect upon, while possibly (re)connecting to oneself and the humanity surrounding us all.  Fighting against a 24/7 frenzy society, we are advocating to take some time off to appreciate the good things in life that are sometimes given for granted.

We strike for beautiful objects with a meaning. We aim for poetry in any form or substance.